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Round-up: Valentine's Day cards

The countdown to Valentine's Day has begun (only 11 days left, ladies and gents!).  Now's the time to pick up your sweetheart a hand-crafted card that he or she will love.  Here's a round-up of a few of our favorites (some traditional, some a little not-so, and some just for friends). We're already running out of our most popular designs, and we won't be receiving another shipment before the big day, so stop in soon to make sure you get your favorite!

anemone-love-venn    fine-day-love-besos

(Anemone Letterpress / Fine Day Press)

pink-orchid-love-friend-quarters    pink-orchid-love-get-old-with-you

(Pink Orchid Press)

pink-orchid-love-pinata    fig2-love-feast-i-love

(Pink Orchid Press / Fig. 2 Design)

sugar-paper-love-je-taime    sugar-paper-love-all-you-need

(Sugar Paper)

smock-love-lobster    smock-love-mexican-beer




It's not too late to get a card for Father's Day!

Father's Day is this Sunday, June 15th, and if you haven't picked up a card yet, we still have a great selection available!  Here are just a few of the many cards we have in-store: sugar-paper-fathersday-saloon

[Father's Day Saloon - Sugar Paper - $5.50]


[Father's Day Anchor - Smock - $5.00]


[Father's Day Cursing - Pink Orchid - $5.00]



Mother's Day is May 11th

2014.05.02-mothersday Mother's Day is coming up fast on May 11th!  Make this year's stand out from all the rest with a trendy new card from The Windmill.  We have amazing letterpress & foil-stamped cards from the hottest paper lines, including Sugar Paper, Anemone Letterpress, Fig. 2, and Smock.


This screenprinted card from Fig. 2 is great for your hilariously non-tech-savvy mom.


At the point where yore starting to realize that everything your mom said growing up was right?  This beautiful letterpressed card from Elum Designs is perfect for you.


And this letterpressed card from Sugar Paper is great for kids of any age to give.

elum-writersblock-loom   pink-orchid-coasters-wine-6   smock-jotter-mineral-3

We also have great gift ideas for paper-loving moms!  Think gorgeous stationery sets,  letterpressed coasters, note blocks, sticky cubes, journals, notebooks, and more.

Don't have time to stop in?  Shop Mother's Day online here!