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Be inspired: Miami Skyline

We are wrapping up this busy but amazing week with an inspiration post based on our very own gorgeous Miami skyline, inspired by a photo from the incredible Maggie Stolzberg.  We kept this wedding invitation design soft with dusty neutrals, and added just a hint of deep blue to the edge. Be inspired: Miami Skyline

[Photo credit: Maggie Stolzberg]



Our road trip to North Carolina!

A couple of weeks ago, we closed up shop to travel halfway up the east coast to Atlantic Beach, North Carolina for a family vacation.  Here are a few shots from our road trip!

IMG_0881  IMG_0882

We left our house at the frighteningly early hour of 4am in hopes of making it to Charleston just in time for lunch.  We had brunch at the wonderful Husk on Queen Street - amazing shrimp & grits!  We managed to avoid the fall of a 100 pound branch right in front of the restaurant.

IMG_0883  IMG_0885

Our stop in Charleston was short, but we did catch a glimpse of a couple of super-cute horse and carriage tours.  Sarah’s detail shot leaves us wondering if she did in fact earn a degree in fine art…

IMG_0743  IMG_0742

We crossed the very photo-worthy Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge on Route 17 out of Charleston.  Again, the detail!

IMG_0754  IMG_0760

And we finally arrived in Atlantic Beach!  The view was amazing.


We had two beautiful days of sun and sand, until Hurricane Arthur decided to make landfall… directly on us.

IMG_0788  IMG_0898

We survived!  And the beach and weather the following couple of days was amazing.

IMG_0902  IMG_0906

When our vacation was over, we departed again at an unearthly hour, and found the most amazingly bizarre coffee shop just outside of Jacksonville, North Carolina - Lighthouse Espresso.  If you ever find yourself in this area, go there!

IMG_0791  IMG_0792

Then we were on our way again!  We found a cool looking building (Shawn thinks this is a super villain’s lair. Really.).

IMG_0794  IMG_0798

And then we were back in Charleston, South Carolina!  We made the best. discovery. ever.  Boxcar Betty’s is a fairly new little restaurant in the area that specializes in one thing only: the fried chicken sandwich.  You will wonder how you survived without their sandwiches before.  Life-alteringly good.

IMG_0835  IMG_0836

Side note, we get really good gas mileage (we have a 14.5 gallon tank!).


Side roads are definitely the way to go along coastal Carolina through Georgia - amazing sights.  Does anyone know what all the basket stands are about?

IMG_0844  IMG_0868

Hope y’all enjoyed the trip with us!