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Everything you need to know about save the dates!

With all the winter and spring weddings coming up, we’ve been asked a lot of questions about save the dates.  Well, friends, we are here to help! save-the-date-1

When should I start thinking about save the dates?

You’ll want to send them out as soon as you reserve your venue and date.  Typically, this is done 6-8 months before the event, but can be up to a year beforehand if you’re inviting many out-of-town guests.

How many save the dates should I order?

When deciding how many save the dates to order, the first step is getting your guest list together.  Remember that you’ll just send one save the date to each couple or family, not to each individual, so typically you’ll need about 60% of the total number of guests you’re inviting.  We recommend ordering 10-20 extra for those last-minute guest list additions, and so you’ll have a few left over as keepsakes.


What should I include on my save the dates?

The must-haves for a save the date are name(s), event type, date, and city.  Many opt to include accommodations information as well, so out-of-town guests can make their travel arrangements early.  And if you have a website for your event, be sure to include it on the save the date as well - that way, your guests can keep up with new information as it becomes available.


Do I have to think about invitations now, too?

That is totally up to you.  Many save the dates are sent before the event theme and colors are picked out, so we often recommend that you choose a save the date design that you like and not worry about it fitting the rest of your event.  However, if you’d prefer for the save the date to be a glimpse of what’s to come, then you may want to start by picking out your invitation design first and then choose a coordinating save the date.


Still have questions?  Call, email, or simply stop in - we are happy to help!