What makes us different

We're designers first, and stationery + paper specialists second.  Our focus is on letterpress invitations with a fresh, elegant aesthetic, and our specialty is customization - we go out of our way to create a look that is unique and special for each client.  We offer exclusively handmade products, so there is a human involved in every step of the process - and our extremely curated selection of printers are the best of the best.

We offer an incredible variety of designs to use as a starting point, and all of our designs are completely and totally customizable.  In fact, our true passion is finding or creating a design that is 100% you.  Whether we're taking a stock invitation and just changing the font and colors to fit your event, drawing a custom monogram by hand that reflects your personal style, or hand-assembling padlocks (why not?) to custom gatefolds for your English castle wedding, that is where we find joy.  Love that palm tree, but want to make it larger and change it to silver?  Done!  Want a wax seal of a bear and a horse together?  We've made it happen.  Hosting a ranch party with a shooting range, and looking for an extraordinary way to invite your guests?  We'll create a triple-thick invitation with a camo backer and a bullseye on top, put bullet holes through it, and send it in a "no trespassing" sign sleeve.

However, we realize not everyone loves having so many choices.  Let us know, and we'll use our years of experience designing thousands of invitation and stationery sets to narrow it down and guide you based on your style.  Or - if you're feeling extremely trusting - tell us what you like and what you don't, and let us dream up a set for you.